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World’s biggest bee found alive

Image copyright Clay Bolt Image caption A single female Wallace’s giant bee was found The world’s biggest bee has been re-discovered, after decades thought...

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Samir Flores Soberanes: Thousands march in Mexico City over activist’s murder

Image copyright Reuters Image caption A man holds a placard at the protest reading, “Samir didn’t die, the government killed him” Thousands of...

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Assam toxic alcohol deaths: 70 people die in north-eastern Indian state

Image copyright AFP Image caption The victims are tea plantation workers from the north-eastern state of Assam At least 70 people have died and more than 200 are being...

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Venezuela soldiers abandon posts at Colombia border

Media captionVenezuela-Colombia border turns violent Soldiers from the Venezuelan national guard have left their posts ahead of an opposition-led effort to to bring aid...

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US man writes his own obituary to warn others against smoking

Image copyright Courtesy Sarah Huiest A 66-year-old man in New York state took it upon himself to write his own obituary as a cautionary tale warning others against...

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